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First Time Travellers

In the travel community, there’s often snobbery. Admit it, people exclude others because their trips weren’t DIY enough, or perhaps because they’ve only been to ‘tourist’ resorts, as opposed to those favoured by backpackers. But why does it need to be so cliquey? If you’re someone who’s always felt a little left out, or like you can’t ask for advice – and yet you want to travel – here’s a few tips to help you get on the way…


When you’re away travelling, especially in remote areas, there’s a temptation to carry tons of money for emergencies. Whilst this isn’t necessarily flawed thinking, it does make you a target. You should carry a range of different types of money on you – from cash through to card and so on, in order to have a backup plan in every situation. Keep them separate – hiding one of these somewhere really random like your shoe or your bra will potentially be a saving grace, too, in case of loss or theft. If you run out, luckily Azimo allows family and friends back home to send to almost anywhere in the world at a very inexpensive rate.


If you’re going somewhere off the beaten track, bear in mind that not everybody is going to speak English. In fact, it might be that none of them do at all! You’re best to do your research into cultural practices and basics in the language. Obviously, a lot of stuff is universal, such as smiling, gesturing, etc. But you don’t want to offend anyone, and it’s frustrating not being able to get a point across. So, ensure that you’re heard (and fed) by brushing up before you go.

Make Friends

Not everyone you meet is going to isolate you, in fact, some people will have the same idea as you – to explore their cultural horizons! You’ll want to meet as many people, travelers and natives, as possible, because they’ll be able to guide you about things to do, tell you where to stay or even invite you to their homes for current or future expeditions. We all benefit a lot from getting to know people from all over the world, so it’s the best investment you can do, wherever you are in the world. Just be sure to be extra careful as you would be back home – there are some wonderful people obviously, but sadly others will just be looking to take advantage of your trust.

Safety Tips for Cruise Travel

Traveling in a cruise has become popular these days and many people prefer to witness adventure even before visiting their desired destination. Although the cruise travel can be a thrilling and an enjoyable experience, there are some safety measures that one must take care while traveling on a cruise. There are high risks of getting stuck up in any emergency while traveling in a cruise and one must be smart enough to handle such situations. The following are some of the safety tips that one must know before taking a cruise travel.

Watch what you drink and eat

Maintaining a good health while cruise travelling is difficult as you can turn seasick anytime. There are many exotic drinks and foods available on the cruise ships. Remember that you are in a sea travel and you should think twice before tasting any food and drink in the cruise. You can easily get allergy from the foods you consume as your body might not go easy with the foods on the cruise. Drinking too much alcohol can make you ill too. Never eat or drink anything that is too hot or cold as the humidity level in the cruise can affect your body and let bacteria into your body.

Keep an eye on your surroundings

You should keep an eye when you are traveling on a cruise. Do not accept drinks from strangers and reveal your issues with anyone. Do not also wander alone around the ship during the night as you can easily get seasick and there will be no one to take of you.

Look after your belongings

It is highly advised not to take your valuables with you while cruise travelling. You can leave your luxurious things back in your home and travel like a normal human being on the cruise. If you have any expensive items in your luggage, then make sure you have an eye on them as they can be easily misplaced.

Report suspicious behavior

If you find and suspicious behavior with the staff or with the people who travel with you on the cruise, then report them immediately to the concerned so that you and the other cruise travelers can travel safely.

Maintain a line with the staff

Some of the staff in cruise is prevented to socialize with guests; yet, some may be friendly or act friendly. It is better not to judge the staff and get their assistance only when you need them or if you are in an emergency situation.

Always stay with your kids

If you are traveling with your family members, especially with your kids, then you must stay with them all day as they can easily go missing in the cruise. You must keep an eye on your kids even if they are out for a swim in the pool on the cruise. Most of the cruises have horizontal bars that can be slippery for the kids. Make sure to stay with your kids along the horizontal bars so that they can have a good time around the cruise.

Exploring the Inland Waterways with River Cruises

Holiday is a very precious time of the year for everyone. Millions of travelers are seen every year exploring some of the best travel destinations with their loved ones by means of road, rail, air and waterways to rediscover and enjoy some of the best destinations around home and around the world. While traveling by any other means offers a different way of seeing the life and culture of any place in its own right, cruising surely provides a different perspective on these favorite places. More often, traveling by inland waterways presents an exclusive insight on any destination compared to cruising on the seas or oceans.

Why river cruise?

When ocean cruising, all the itineraries are scheduled most of the time around the cruise or the ship’s time at the port. While cruising on the seas offers a glimpse of the coastline and ports, most of the travelers who go on sea or ocean cruising may not be able to step on the land and explore the cities which is not the case with river cruising. Travelers can always enjoy the eye level scenery of the outside and can even step out and explore the places of interest while cruising by inland waters which gives a more personal and intimate perspective of the destination they have come to discover all the way. As almost all the cabins present a wonderful view of the outside, traveling becomes more fun and joy when it comes to river cruising holidays.

Furthermore, river cruising has some of the best offers for any kind of travelers whether it be friends, couples or for those traveling with family. With the increasing trend of solo travel, some of the cruise lines also offer single occupancy cabins for travelers who don’t want fussy company. For any traveler, there sure is a good measure of breathtaking scenery to feast the eyes and there are more options to discover lesser known attractions together with famed destinations.

With Europe having some of the best gleaming rivers including Rhine, Danube, Main, Elbe, Moselle and Vltava, river cruising holidays in Europe means a romantic journey on these magnificent waterways while exploring the medieval towns and enjoying the modern services including massage and beauty treatments together with best food and drinks.

Things to remember

Even river cruising has its own pits and falls and travelers should be well aware of some of the things that might not be included in the brochures. With all the tailored features and luxuries offered, river cruises might charge extra when compared to ocean cruises. Travelers may not be able to see all the destinations mentioned in the brochures too due to shallow waters or closed rivers which means that you should always book your itineraries with experienced and dedicated cruise lines that take pride in making your trips more engaged.

However, you can always be assured of comfortable and luxurious travel when it comes to river cruising and all you need to worry about is meeting your expectations without burning a hole in the wallet.

How to Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure While Traveling

For many, traveling abroad is a positive, life-changing experience. Today’s modern traveler has the advantage of using sophisticated mobile devices to plan intelligently for smooth travel. As devices become more powerful, they also become more helpful. From planes to trains, coffee shops to hostels, modern international travelers expect to have access to the Internet just about anywhere. These amazing devices are incredibly convenient when you’re on the go, but travelers also need to be aware of their devices’ vulnerabilities.

Today’s highly sophisticated devices hold an incredible amount of information—much of it sensitive. Protecting your device, along with its sensitive information, takes a bit of technological know-how and common sense. When traveling abroad, these five simple but effective steps can help make sure your device stays protected.

Understand Your Security Settings

Your device’s first line of defense is its security settings. Many of the out-of-the-box security settings for Android, iPhone, and LG smartphones are highly effective. For instance, LG smartphones are now equipped with a kill switch feature that renders the phone almost unusable if stolen. Your data can be remotely wiped from the phone, and the phone can be permanently locked. It’s important not to get too creative when changing security settings, as it may make your device more vulnerable to hackers.

In addition, it is important to regularly update your software. Barring a flood of negative reviews, new updates typically help patch up any security vulnerabilities in software. Check the manufacturer’s website for updates a week before leaving for your trip.

Use Strong Passwords

When traveling internationally, you’re not in Kansas anymore. Although your favorite song, last name1, or 1-2-3-4-5 may be fine in day-to-day life (although not really), your password needs to be particularly strong when traveling abroad. You will be on the go, packing/unpacking, and often overwhelmed with new experiences. The potential to lose your device is, most likely, slightly higher than at home. If it is lost, it’s vital that your device stays secure. A strong password, featuring at least eight characters with a mix of letters and numbers, should thwart anyone from accessing your phone.

Be Wary of Unencrypted Public Wireless Networks

Unencrypted wireless networks are open to the public and do not require any authentication or password to log in. Hackers have been known to create these networks, allowing them to view the activity of unsuspecting victims. Encrypted networks, typically found at coffee shops and hotels, are considerably safer networks. It is also a good idea to turn off your Wi-Fi when you’re not using it. Not only will you cut battery consumption, you will avoid inadvertently logging on to an unencrypted network.

Turn of Autofill and Cookies

To protect yourself if your mobile device is stolen or lost, set up your device strategically to minimize the amount of information available. Autofill and cookies, in contrast, do the complete opposite: they provide sensitive information with no effort. Although these settings are convenient, they should always be turned off when traveling abroad. When passwords, search history, and (gasp!) credit card numbers are freely given through autofill and cookies, you are inviting disaster. For added security, a bit of inconvenience is acceptable.

Be Responsible with Your Device

Along with the technological measures you can employ to increase security, the other part of protecting your device comes down to mindfulness and common sense. When traveling internationally, it’s always important to understand your surroundings. Do not leave your device unattended at a restaurant or charging at a charging dock. While 99 percent of the time it may be fine, losing your device or having it stolen while traveling internationally can seriously impact your ability to plan, stay in touch, and research areas.

When traveling internationally, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions to guarantee your personal safety. Protecting your mobile device is no different. With these five simple practices, you can maximize the security of your device and protect your personal information.

The Legitimateness of Bangkok to provide a culinary traveller vacation destination

The Legitimateness of Bangkok to provide a culinary traveller vacation destination

Traveling with the awareness and motivation in cuisine has numerous companies in your travel and leisure field. The best widely known leaders are culinary tourist, flavour vacation, dishes travelling and gastronomy travel related, which all combine the very thought of flying in the market to encounter and tastes ingredients (Smith, 2007). It expresses that ingredients deliver details of the assortment and certification to a desired destination and therefore culinary vacation is considered the deliberate work of encountering the area throughout its food and drink.

Top Tips for Safe Travel

Travelling to an unknown destination is sometimes risky and therefore if you are a person who is very fond of adventure travelling, then you should always follow these top tips for a safe travel. Following the tips for traveling safe will enable you to enjoy the trip all the way. We are all aware of the fact that travelling is not always safe and there are certain things like hotel stays and money that come with additional risks. Therefore, you should take time and learn the tips for safe travelling so that you do not travel afraid but travel carefully.

Distribute your cash

Try stashing away your cash at different places in your luggage so that if you get robbed then you do not lose all your money. Robbers will get hold of just the obvious cash while the remaining cash stays safe in some other places. This is considered to be the most important tip on safe travel that every single individual should know.

Be aware of your surroundings

You should always pay attention to the surroundings that you are staying in. You should have an idea of the place where you are located and the way out in case of any emergency situations. If you happen to drive, keep a notice of mile markers and even the exits that pass by. This will be of great help if you land up in trouble.

Do not carry expensive items

It is always wise to keep all expensive things at home. Do not wear expensive jewelry while you are on holiday as this will not help you at all but on the other hand will have unwanted attraction. All you will be doing is telling everybody that you are in possession of lots of money and expensive things. This will automatically land you in trouble as people would have an eye on your expensive wear.

Inform your family

Always inform a trusted member of your family about the place you are travelling, the vehicle you are driving or any other conveyance that you are using for your travel and the expected time when you would reach your destination. Once you reach your destination, call them and also make sure that they are aware of the fact that you would be calling them. This will help your family to inquire about you in case you do not show up at the place where you should be.

Get a survival kit

A survival kit is very important for you if you are driving because this will help in adverse conditions of the weather. A survival kit for winter should consist of matches, a blanket, water, food and flashlight. For summers, similar things should be there in your survival kit except that you should be in possession of some extra water. It is always important to make use of your judgment, but it is equally important to plan for what is.

Keeps maps handy

Maps help you in knowing the route that you are travelling and they also help you in having a good idea about the place where you are travelling. The usefulness of keeping maps handy is something that makes this tip one of the best among the top tips for safe travel.

Economical Envision On The Planet IN 200 Yrs FROM NOW

Economical Envision On The Planet IN 200 Yrs FROM NOW

The ultimate way to overview tomorrow environment will be casting an attention into the recent, researching the rate of growth to the found, and seeking to predict the future depending on the exact. The world 200 yrs ago was backward, analogue, and very conventional. Throughout the last 200 decades, mankind has developed solutions and improved convenience on the globe. The world’s market has seen creation when innovation, this is certainly obvious in atmosphere transport, remedies, diet processing, and problems linked to battle and safety measures.

A Guide to Planning Last Minute Holidays

There’s a real thrill to planning a last minute holiday, packing up your bags and jetting off to a previously unexplored destination. It’s spontaneous, exciting and can mean you bag a real bargain – if you do it right.

If you’re new to the world of late holiday deals, check out our guide to help you get away for a price you can afford.

Flexibility is the key

It might sound obvious, but the most important thing when you’re looking for a last minute deal is to be flexible. Don’t dismiss any destinations – in fact, pick somewhere you know very little about if you can, it will make your travels more exhilarating.

You should also be as flexible as possible about when you go away. Of course, this might be restricted by leave you’ve already got booked, but if you can, take a look at the prices of flights and hotels before you apply for time off of work – you might find that moving your holiday one day here or there can make a big difference to the amount you pay for flights.

Finally, don’t be fussy about when you travel. By this we mean look for flights at inconvenient times of the day that are likely to be avoided by mainstream holidaymakers. Late night departures typically tend to be cheaper than those that leave in the morning or afternoon, for example.

Do your research

This step does take a bit of time, but it can pay dividends if you manage to shave yet more money off your last minute holiday costs. Don’t just use one website to check the prices of holidays – look at several and compare what’s available with different providers.

Cosmos is one of many companies that regularly have special offers on late travel, so get to know the market and use it to your advantage.

Research doesn’t just involve seeking out the tour operator with the best deals, though – it also means checking what exactly is included in any given package. The cheapest option may not be the best value for money when you break it down in terms of what’s on offer (we’re talking about food, accommodation, flights and activities as an example).

Don’t wait to take the plunge

When you’ve found a deal that you’re happy with, don’t delay booking it – one of the things about last minute holidays is that the offers aren’t around for long, so you need to grab them while you’ve got the chance.

Putting off making a booking for a few days or week could mean you have to start looking all over again if all the packages you were interested in have been snapped up. It’s also worth pointing out that there’s no sense in continuing to check prices once you’ve booked your holiday – you might be smug if you’ve got a great deal that can’t be beaten, but you could also put a downer on your trip if the price falls again after you’ve paid for it.

Enjoy the experience

Booking last minute breaks comes naturally to some people and is incredibly hard for others – the best thing to do is enjoy the spontaneity of it and treat it as an adventure. Planning a holiday in this way may introduce you to a destination you’ve never considered (or possibly even heard of) before and it could turn out to be one of your best-ever holidays.

Once you know where you’re going, do a bit of reading about the attractions and sights in your chosen destination, but don’t plan too much – part of the fun of travelling in this way is doing things on the fly, so get local recommendations once you arrive and see if you can uncover some hidden gems.