Davis, a junior, racked up 294 all purpose yards and four

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Canada Goose Vests Five players started the race online about midnight Friday, before fans of the Yellow Jackets and Wildcats made it a two player dash to the finish line where Glencoe senior Daniel Warren crossed ahead of the competition when voting ended Tuesday.Warren won the poll with 69,467 votes, while fellow senior Chad Thompson claimed 39,218 votes from Wildcat fans and finished runner up.Warren started his final year wearing the Yellow Jacket black and gold with a stellar performance Thursday night on the road. He racked up 14 tackles for the Glencoe defense in a 42 10 season opening, Class 3A, Region 6 victory over White Plains.Thompson ran eight times for 206 yards and four touchdowns in Sand Rock’s 35 8 victory over Pleasant Valley on Friday in 2A, Region 6 play.Strott Cheap Canada Goose, a senior, carried the ball 20 times for 126 yards and one touchdown and threw for another score in Piedmont’s 21 0 3A, Region 6 win over Hokes Bluff.Davis, a junior, racked up 294 all purpose yards and four touchdowns that included a pair of kickoff returns for scores in a 42 21 win over Randolph that got the Bulldogs off to a good start in 3A, Region 7 play. Along with special teams play, Davis can line up at quarterback or wingback in the Bulldogs’ Wing T offense.Kelly, a senior, rushed 12 times for 120 yards and two touchdowns as Sardis opened the season with a 49 14 win over Brindlee Mountain in another 3A, Region 7 game.The polls will be posted before midnight Friday when possible or can be accessed early Saturday morning Canada Goose Vests.