Survival requirements for travel

Survival has been known to be for the fittest, but you cannot deny the fact that it is always led by the prepared. Life is full of twist and turns. You might have been sitting peaceful at your home and enjoying the super bowl over popcorn a few minutes back and then find yourself buried under snow. You just cannot foresee the future so it is always wise to be prepared for the worst. You might not be guaranteed for safety but when prepared, you stand more chances to survive than unprepared.

Travel requisites

It is very important for you to be prepared for any kind of disasters, natural or manmade, especially when you spend time away from home. You necessarily do not need to join a training session for fighting the odds, but you can definitely start with some basic things. The most important thing you need, when you travel, is a travel bag. Yes, a get home bag will keep you safe until you get your primary survival gear. A get home bag will save not only you during a catastrophic event but also events like tornadoes or something as basic as car trouble.

Now, what goes inside a get home bag is personal. What works best for you might be different for others. For this, you need to prioritize the needs of air, shelter, water and food and decide accordingly. For shelter, you can consider including a poncho, which will keep the wearer dry and warm in wet conditions. Next, comes the tarp. Tarps have to be one of the most important content of your GHB survival shelter. They are designed to act as thermal blankets, individual tents, signaling enhancement tools and many others. The more number of tarps you carry, the safer you are.

The next basic gear for signal survival is a fire starter. Fire can save you from adverse of circumstances. Lighters for ignition, and fire starting tinder for sustaining the flame, should go into your bag too. You will need to get them designed according to your bags. Emergency blankets are always a lifesaver when there is extreme cold. They are designed to retain 100% body heat.

The very basic things that should go into your bag are your clothes. Pack your clothes for varying seasonal conditions, such as tee shirts, trousers, belts, for example. You should also consider carry a pair of gloves and boots and you can be rest assured of their inevitable toll on your body at some point of your travel. Your glove should be made of weather resistant and grip enhancing material.

There are no better alternatives to carrying water with you. An adult can last without water for three days that too if you do not perform any physical activities. A container or water bottle will save you in the end. Needless to mention, food is the most important thing that you will require even if you do not face any disasters. Carry plenty of dry foods. Apart from these, you can also consider carrying a multi-tool, headlamp, first aid kit, compass, pad and paper and most importantly money.

There are definitely many more on the list. Select to the best to suit your needs.